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Tourism, Crime and CCTV

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

It's clear to us that millions of viewers love SA webcams. Our live stream following has grown with every month that passes. Unfortunately, we have also seen an increase in crime-related incidences being reported to us. Mainly in Cape Town where the majority of our live-streaming CCTV cameras are based.

Unfortunately, we have not customized these live-streaming CCTV cameras for security needs but obviously, they assist in the playback of the general area and activity. But there is so much that we can do!

We have introduced an online CCTV store that is based in Cape Town South Africa. We hope by making this online store available to home/business owners that we make it convenient and affordable for our viewers to purchase their own advanced AI CCTV system that gives early detection and peace of mind. Giving Cape Town residents the opportunity to secure their personal property.

With Advanced AI detection integrations and notifications, we can pick up potential threats before the crime is committed. Finding patterns and common trends allows us to set parameters for the security CCTV systems. These features are available on all the products we sell through our online store. This also allows us to activate an alert deterrence system to potentially eliminate the threat by onsite audio and visual devices.

With regards to our live-streaming CCTV cameras, we will look to integrate more security features as time goes on. We love Cape Town with all its beauty but we can't ignore the dark side of South Africa Tourism. Especially when we have solutions at our disposal.

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