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About Us

In 2020 during the pandemic, our time outdoors was limited and restricted. That's when I thought to put South Africa webcams at our favorite destinations to virtually appreciate and see what we would experience when we physically arrive at the destination. Saving you time and money that you travel once and get what you expected.

Image by Kym Ellis

SA webcams

Image by Joe Gadd

One year later

CCTV store

We started in Cape Town and during our first year, we had multiple crime-related incidences reported. Our webcams are CCTV cameras that we have converted for live streaming. We have five Ip cameras in Cape Town live streaming top tourist destinations.


As South Africans, we are aware of the dangers our beautiful country has. Luckily smart technology and AI security cameras are one of our strongest weapons against crime. For this reason, we have created our own CCTV online store that is based in Cape Town. Guaranteeing Cape Town residents quality CCTV equipment and services. To help protect ourselves and those we love.

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